The Grasstopper muzzle by Cowboy Up Trail Riding TM


  • A riding muzzle to stop your horse from eating grass.

  • Sturdy but lightweight design. 

As part of our trail riding business we had to develop a way to stop horses eating grass whilst out on the trail. As most of our riders are beginners or kids, they didn't have the timing or strength to stop the horses.


Our grass gets so high, that the horses didn't even have to put their heads down to eat, so in 2009 we invented the 'Grasstopper' riding muzzle as we couldn't find anything that was light weight and easy to fit and wouldn't bother the horses.


We have now decided that other riders could benefit from our invention and have released our 'Grasstopper' by Cowboy Up Trail Riding for sale to the public.

 Instructions for installing Grasstopper Muzzle